Local Authority Services

Pathways and Road work.


From Crossovers to Paving, Walkways to road surfacing. It's all in a days work for the Hooper-man.


KCC approved

Road works contractor


Commercial      Domestic

Fly tipping clearance.


It's a sad indictment of a small minority of today’s society, one which necessitates an awful lot of money needing to be spent out of our rates, clearing up after the fly tippers. We frequently are commissioned to do this work by several local authorities.


KCC approved for

Removal of "fly tips"


Public Rights of Way.


Local authorities have the responsibility of maintaining thousands of miles of Public Rights of Way, in order that the public can use them freely, safely and conveniently. These range from narrow footpaths which become overgrown with vegetation, to large bridleways and byways,  which require repairing. Hooper and Sons are approved and often contracted by the KCC to undertake such work.


KCC approved contractor

for Public Rights of Way.

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